Top 20 Indonesian Universities in 2023

Top Indonesian Universities in 2023

Top Indonesian Universities in 2023 ( - The ranking of the best Universities in Indonesia 2023 has been released by Webometrics, a platform that ranks universities in the world, including Indonesia.

In the ranking, Webometrics prioritizes link analysis, which includes evaluation of bibliographic sites to campus involvement.

There are at least four criteria used by Webometrics in assessing university performance, including presence, visibility impact, openness, and excellence.

Each of these assessment criteria has its own weight, as follows:

1. Presence, 10% weight with measurements referring to the Google search engine index and the number of rich files (pdf, ppt, doc, xls). 

2. Visibility/Impact, 50% weight with assessment based on backlink from other websites.

3. Opennes, 10% weight using data from the number of articles cited in Google Scholar.

4. Excellence, 30% weighting that refers to Scimago data.

Top 20 Indonesian Universities in 2023

Then, Webometrics assessment also refers to the domain address of a university (Domain URL) in each university.

The list of top campuses in Indonesia for 2023 can be derived from the ranking results.

1. Indonesia University (UI)
2. Gadjah Mada College
3. Brawijaya University
4. IPB University
5. Airlangga College
6. UNS Surakarta Sebelas Maret University
7. Syiah Kuala College
8. Sepuluh Nopember Technology Institute
9. Telkom University/Telkom University
10. Bandung University of Technology
11. Bina Nusantara College
12. North Sumatra University
13. Lampung University
14. Andalas College
15. University of Riau
16. Padjadjaran University
17. General Soedirman University
18. Yogyakarta's Muhammadiyah University
19. Hasanuddin College
20. Sriwijaya University

For more details, the Cybermetrics Lab, a research division of the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas (CSIC), the largest public research organization in Spain, launched the Webometrics Ranking of Global Universities.

With 126 centers and institutions dispersed across Spain in 2006, CSIC is regarded as one of the first research organizations in Europe.

Indicators that indicate the global quality of undergraduate and research institutions around the world are also taken into consideration in Webometrics' rankings, which are not just based on research outcomes. ***

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